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Assistance, advice and support

You’ve had an accident, you have a long-term illness and/or you need professional help to regain mobility or to relieve your pain to make it more bearable? Our “Specialised activities” service is here to help you!

Ergotherapy support

After certain illnesses, many everyday activities are more complicated to carry out due to pain or disability. The main objectives of the Stëftung Hëllef Doheem Foundation’s Ergotherapists are to help you live your daily life independently, enjoy an active social life and improve your quality of life. Occupational therapists support and accompany people of all ages who have, or are likely to have, restricted mobility. Based on a specific diagnosis, our therapists devise a programme of stimulating and rehabilitative measures. They also advise the customer in terms of installing and using various technical aids at home.

Psychological support

Depending on the degree of symptoms, a situation of dependence can be a real challenge for the clients themselves and for their families. A state of dependence is often hard to accept and can weigh heavily on the quality of life of those affected. In such cases, psychological support can help to regain balance. Our psychologists define individual objectives, together with the client, to ensure support measures that are tailored to his/her life.

Physiotherapy activities

Based on a medical prescription, our physiotherapists perform rehabilitation acts, active and passive mobilisation measures and various kinds of massages. Physiotherapy at home is always adapted to the client’s individual resources with a view to maintaining, improving or stimulating their mobility via various exercises to encourage their physical well-being and their independence.

Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice is often recommended for people with metabolic disorders, allergies, diseases of the digestive system, type II diabetes or severe obesity. A balanced diet is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Our dieticians seek to maintain or restore the client’s physical health by providing information on the physiological aspects of food and by drawing up individual nutrition plans. In addition, prevention is a key part of nutritional advice. The aims of this are to shed light on poor eating habits, encourage a healthy diet and prevent various illnesses.

Training courses for informal carers

Every year, the Stëftung Hëllef Doheem foundation offers various classes on health, treatment and care-giving. The subjects vary according to demand and the needs of the people caring for a dependent person. The classes cover various fields, such as handling techniques, nutrition for diabetic or elderly persons,  dementia, stress management, adapting the home, etc. In addition to the advice and the practical exercises on offer, the chance for participants to share experiences is also a key aspect of the classes.

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