Wound caring

A concept that works

The Stëftung Hëllef Doheem foundation focuses on providing comprehensive care for its customers by offering them a normal everyday life and the best possible quality of life at home. That’s why we constantly adapt and expand our services. For example, we have broken new ground when it comes to wound management.

Wound care at home, performed by a professional, is a specialisation that is being increasingly encouraged as it offers real added value from a therapeutic perspective. With regular photographic documentation, we not only offer an exemplary follow-up of the customer’s wound treatment but also a fast and accurate exchange with the customer’s GP. This ensures the best possible care for our clients.

 “How can someone live at home despite their wound?”

“This question highlights a considerable challenge for outpatient care services”, explains Gertrud Eul-Kockelmann, a wound expert who works in the quality management department at the foundation.

With ever-shorter hospital stays and a growing number of people suffering from chronic wounds, the demand for care at home has risen sharply and increasingly calls for the intervention of specialists in different care fields. “To make sure the provision of care is a success, it’s essential to train nurses on an ongoing basis and to promote the exchange of good practices”, emphasises Mrs Eul-Kockelmann. At the Hëllef Doheem foundation, a team of experts specialising in wound treatment actively devises and implements customised care plans in cooperation with the nurses of the various "Centres d'aides et de soins" and in consultation with general practitioners. The foundation’s nurses receive regular training in order to keep abreast of the latest healthcare developments.

 “That way, we are able to meet growing needs due to the emergence of the most widespread diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.”

The practical advice given to the customer is a key part of the foundation’s wound management work. Gertrud Eul-Kockelmann explains that this advice helps to guide customers during the remaining 23 hours of the day when the nurses are not with them. The wound expert also reiterates the importance of receiving proper documentation on wounds so that clients and all other people involved can read up on the progress of the healing process. The foundation’s electronic healthcare file is a great help because it makes it much easier to come up with individual care plans and facilitates cooperation between doctors.

Brief explanation of wound management

Wound management refers to formal and interdisciplinary wound care, which involves analysis, treatment, pain management and documentation.

With our routine wound management, we make the following commitments to our customers, inter alia:

  • to enable our clients to actively participate in their treatment
  • to improve cooperation between everyone involved in the process
  • to speed up the healing process
  • to relieve our clients’ pain
  • to increase the recovery rate, particularly for chronic wounds
  • to improve the continuity of care


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